Casino Bonus Categories

Online gambling is a major pastime for people all over the world. Since it is a pastime that involves money, many players are constantly searching for the best bonuses available to play craps and other games they love. In order to do this, it is important to understand the three categories of casino bonuses.

No-Deposit Casino Bonus

Players are not required to make any sort of deposit in order to earn a no-deposit bonus. The only catch is that if the player chooses to use the bonus to make wagers and wins a great deal of money, the casino will require the player to make a minimum deposit before the winnings can be withdrawn. Most of the no-deposit casino bonuses offered these days are quite small and range from $5.00 to $50.00 in value.

Deposit Casino Bonus

The opposite of a no-deposit casino bonus, a deposit casino bonus is only awarded to players who make a deposit into their casino accounts. These are generally match bonuses, meaning that the casino will match 100 percent of the player's deposit up to a certain amount. In order to cash out these bonuses, players must meet certain wagering requirements that are often bound by strict limitations.

Game-Specific Casino Bonus

This bonus type covers a wide range of potential awards but they are all designed to serve the same purpose; they are to be used in a certain game. In most cases, these bonuses are awarded in the form of free play time--usually 10 to 30 minutes--or even a set number of free spins at the maximum bet amount. While these bonuses may not seem as nice as the others, there are no wagering requirements to meet; the player simply keeps all of the winnings.

These varieties of casino bonuses represent some of the best rewards available to those who are interested in winning big in online venues. Understanding the wagering requirements that go along with them is imperative if the player hopes to cash out their bonuses down the line.